June 9, 2018

Third Educational Program “Multi-colored Triangles”

This year’s last educational program in entitled “Multi-colored Triangles”. During this 1,5 hour program, children will explore the idea of the triangle as presented in the works of important Greek visual artists, while observing the light analysis phenomenon. Our aim is to familiarize children with the idea of space itself, while educating them on a gallery’s function, as well as the importance of culture in general, through individual, and group creative activities.

During the program, the children will come together, getting to know each other and learning how to function as a group. They will be asked to describe the art works, discussing the colors and the themes. They will be encouraged to express their preferences and their feelings. They will be introduced to Kostas Spiriounis, who will guide them through his personal exhibition under the title “At a distant horizon”. They will have the chance of conversing with the painter, who will answer any questions they might have. Contact with the artist himself will give them a better appreciation of his art. Subsequently, they will have the opportunity of studying light diffusion by observing its color analysis through a prism. The will experience the captivating effect of Newton’s color wheel with its multi-colored triangles!

Lastly, the children will be encouraged to use their own creative imagination. They will be asked to paint triangles, thus learning that a white piece of paper is not an empty space. It is a painting space, even in its emptiness. It is an experience of fundamental importance, since it prevents the “fear of blank page”, teaching them how to use an empty space as a vehicle serving their creative needs!
As a farewell present, each kid will take home a photograph of him/her holding his own creative work.
We are gladly expecting you to the fantastic world of children, art and light!


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