October 13, 2018

Second Educational Program “Colors of the heart”

Now that summer vacations are over, Ikastikos Kiklos Sianti invites young artists to its 2nd Cycle of Educational Programs under the title “Colors of the heart”. An educational program in connection with Thanasis Lalas’ exhibition HE(ART).
Love, pain, tranquility, anger, surprise, excitement…
Our heart beats in all kinds of rhythms. Together they compose a melody, the harmony of life!
Join us on Saturday, October 13 th , at 11.00 a.m-12.30 p.m. and together we shall enter the world of Thanasis Lalas’ colors. Children will have the opportunity of touring the exhibition under the guidance of Mrs. Popi Georgopoulou, Museologist- Museum educator, observing how color is being used by the painter.
Opening their own memory chests, our young artists will then paint their stories in a huge paper screen, where everyone can put his/her personal colors.
The result will be a heart big enough for all of us!
*We would like to inform you that participants will be accepted in order of priority. In honor of the Obesity World Day, Ikastikos Kiklos Sianti organizes a discussion on Child Obesity – among other things – coordinated by a specialized phycologist.
We would be honored by your attendance.


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