April 12, 2018

Second Educational Program “Fantastic Square”

This year’s 2 nd Educational Program under the title “Fantastic Squares” took place on Saturday, April 12, at 11.00 a.m. During this 2 nd educational program, children had the opportunity of studying the shape of the square in life and in art. The have looked for squares in paintings and sculptures, exploring their own personal position towards this particular shape, while contemplating on the wider idea of the square through simple, interactive games. In a specially arranged part of our gallery, children have the opportunity of discovering contemporary Greek artists whose works we have the honor of presenting. They also have the opportunity of enjoying individual, as well as group activities, expressing their own creativity and acquiring a basis in art appreciation. During the “Fantastic Squares” the children will have the opportunity of conversing with Dimitris Vlassis who will guide them through his personal exhibition under the title “…when body memory awakens…”

The Circle, the Square and the Triangle, three clear shapes representing the basic forms of visual creativity, become the vehicle for an artistic journey. Form and color are the basic ingredients of painting. Equipped with this basic principles, children will be able to express their own creativity, while preparing themselves for the appreciation of great art.
We are expecting you!

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