who we are

Sianti Gallery was founded in 2016 by Vasiliki and Theodoros Siantis, worthy heirs of the Ikastikos Kiklos legacy, which dates back to 1982 with a 40-year presence in the field of the visual arts. Sianti Gallery was soon established as a dynamic presence in the world of traditional and contemporary art.

Always true to its morals and driven by its great love for the Arts, Sianti Gallery has been organizing a series of cultural actions, using every technological means available in order to bring viewers of all ages closer to Art, while acquainting them with the artistic evolution.
With a valuable inheritance of important artists like Alekos Fasianos, Dimitris Mitaras, Dimosthenis Kokkinidis, Giannis Gaitis, Giannis Tsarouchis, Panagiotis Tetsis and many more, the gallery keeps growing by engulfing young artists from all over Greece.

Vasiliki and Theodoros Siantis continue managing their cultural inheritance, while supporting the young artists who have joined Sianti Gallery. Their prime concern is to familiarize the viewers with the contemporary and classical artistic trends in order to transform them from mere admirers to true participants in the artistic experience. By approaching people of all ages, the Sianti Gallery promotes and supports Greek art.


Our history

Ikastikos Kiklos was founded by Fanis Siantis and Dinos Liberopoulos in 1982.

Driven by their love for the Arts, they strived to make the creations of Greek artists known and, above all, accessible to the public. Dedicated to this goal and in collaboration with renown painters, they promoted the art of engraving and especially that of silk screen printing. Not only did they succeed in their mission, but they also managed to become experts in all aspects of Greek painting. This led to the inclusion of many other visual gernes in their collection, such as lithographs, xylographs, as well as small sculptures and objects of art which satisfied all kinds of aesthetic needs. And in doing so, they opened a path for which they are deeply proud.

Ikastikos Kiklos exhibited its first engravings at the shop on Patission str., opposite to the National Technical University of Athens.

Later on, the building on 121 Charialou Trikoupi str. served as the cornerstone of this early creative period. It hosted a permanent exhibition of painting and sculpture collections, as well as many periodic solo and group exhibitions of various Greek artists. This particular building, with its astonishing façade and innovative inner architecture, has been recognized by the Hellenic Institute of Architecture as “one of the thirty Athenian buildings of special architectural interest.”

At the same time, the gallery on Karneadou str. (at the center of Kolonaki district) enriched the central building’s activities with even more exhibitions and a plenteous art shop. The Sianti name is strongly connected to the Arts. Vasiliki and Theodoros Siantis, worthy heirs of Ikastikos Kiklos, dynamically contribute to the shaping of the contemporary artistic landscape by bringing together older and younger artists.


Sianti Gallery stands out as one of the most dynamic and innovative companies in the Greek artistic plain. Always sensitive to the needs of the art market, it hosts renown, as well as rising artists, satisfying not only the tastes of the experienced connoisseurs, but also that of the recent, yet ambitious collectors.

For this reason, a new art space was created, hosting the exhibitions and other actions of Sianti Gallery, while Ikastikos Kiklos Sianti continues to present silk screen printings, engravings and small sculptures in a different art space.

Today, Sianti Gallery is based in a central area of great historic significance for the Greek visual Arts: the Hilton district, on Vasileos Alexandrou str., between the National Gallery and Hotel Caravel. Aspiring to bring the viewers closer not only to the Arts, but also to the individual creators themselves, it exploits every available technological means in order to take a deeper look into the artist’s world. For every artwork that is exhibited at Sianti Gallery, there is a video and an interview from inside the artist’s workshop explaining the thoughts and the creative process which led to that particular work. This way, everyone becomes a creator, or at least a participant in the creation of that particular visual work or event.

This is the very core of the Sianti Gallery’s ideology: if you offer the correct stimuli to the younger generations, they will learn to love the Arts, strengthening the cultural identity of Greece and contributing to the progress of visual Art in general.