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Personal Data Protection

The Company is committed to ensure that any personal data of its online visitors are protected in accordance with the provisions of Electronic Commerce and Distance Selling legislation, as well as the provisions of International, EU and Greek law on Personal Data Protection and in particular, with the provisions of Law No. 2251/1994 on Consumer Protection, the Directive 2002/58EU of the European Parliament and of the Council on the Protection of Individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector, as amended by the Directive 2009/136EU. Our website may contain links redirecting the users to third party websites. You hereby agree that our Company bears no liability for:

  • the quality, accuracy and policies of the above mentioned third party websites.
  • the services and products provided or displayed on the above mentioned third party websites. Redirection to third party websites is not proof of our Company’s involvement or reinforcement of the content, products or services provided through the above mentioned websites.

The ‘Sianti Gallery’ Company hereby expressly states that it will not proceed to any illegal, unfair or unapproved use of your personal data, nor will it transmit its users’ personal information and data to any third parties, for no reason and under no circumstances.


Our website uses cookies in order to achieve a user-friendly browsing experience. Cookies are alphanumeric files (text files) transferred and stored to your hard disk during your visit at our website. They are necessary for your identification and authorization after your successful registration to our protected area, for the duration of your visit. Cookies also help us monitor our visitors’ preferences, enabling us to customize our website’s content and special offers to their personal needs. Cookies do not reveal our visitor’s identity to us. You can deactivate or delete cookies at any time through your browser’s system settings. All users can view our offers without activating cookies. Nevertheless, if you have chosen not to accept our cookies, you may not be able to fully enjoy the benefits of our website.

The ‘Sianti Gallery’ website uses four kinds of cookies: First-Party Cookies, Session Cookies, Persistent Cookies and Third-Party Cookies.

First-Party Cookies: They are cookies monitoring your activity within the www.siantigallery.com website, enabling us to offer you an improved and seamless webbing experience.

Session Cookies: They are cookies automatically deleted from your hard disk after the end of a browsing session.

Persistent Cookies: We also use cookies which remain on your hard disk for a given period of time (ranging from one day to five years, depending on the cookie) after the end of a browsing session. Each time you revisit our website, these cookies automatically recall the country and language you have chosen upon your last visit to our website. ‘Persistent Cookies’ are stored in your hard disk and will be deleted from your browser after a given period of time.

Third-Party Cookies: They are cookies from third-party providers.

Upon using our website you agree that we can store these types of cookies in your device, allowing us to gain access to them every time you visit our website in the future. If you wish to delete cookies already stored in your device, please refer to your browser’s support and help page on the web, in order to get the necessary instructions on accessing the file or folder where cookies are being stored. Please note that by deleting our cookies, or by deactivating future cookies you may not be able to have access to certain parts or services of our website.

Delivery Insurance

The Company guarantees the quality, completeness and validity of the information shared on its website, as well as the accuracy of the products’ material features and the services provided by the Company through its e-shop. In the context of good faith, the Company bears no liability for any misprints or technical mistakes, which may have occurred unwittingly or due to technical problems affecting the website’s smooth operation due to force majeure.

The Company insures all items dealt through its website, from the moment of purchase until the moment of delivery to the customer.

In case the delivery falls through due to the courier’s fault, the Company could arrange a new delivery within 7-10 business days, free of extra charges.

All items displayed on the ‘Sianti Gallery” website are delivered in a special, secured packaging to ensure its excellent condition. The Company bears no responsibility for any damages done to the packaging during delivery. If such is the case, please contact us in order to inspect the damage and arrange a replacement for your order.

The Company bears no liability for any failure of delivery due to force majeure. The Company is only responsible in cases of willful misconduct and gross negligence concerning the delayed delivery of goods, as well as the information and services provided through its website.

Items are shipped and delivered to the address indicated by the customer and it is the customer’s responsibility to provide correct and accurate address information. The Company bears no liability for any delivery failures due to false or incorrect address information. If the Customer unduly refuses to accept his/her order, redirecting it to the Company, he/she is the full bearer of any re-dispatching costs.